WinBidPro v15.6 Enhancements

Here is a summary of 12 new features that we have added to the v15.6 update to WinBidPro

1. New Shop Drawings Window

  1. Clicking "Shop Drawings"  in the menu tree now gives you this window where all settings can be changed before generating your drawings.

  2. Callout Labels and Detail Drawings can be turned on and off depending on what you want to export or print.

  3. Exporting options for drawings and details are all in this window. You can now specify a different location to save all exports.

2. Title Blocks for Shop Drawings

  1. In the Shop Drawings window you can now create Title Blocks for your drawings.

  2. You can open one of the included Title Blocks or use one of your own.

  3. You have full control over margins and the spacing between the Title Block and the drawings.

  4. With Attributes you have full control over the information in the title blocks.

3. Drawing Settings

The Drawing Settings window has been reformatted with some new features, and we have moved Shop Drawing related settings to their own window.

4. Dimension Line Tips

Notice in the image above that you can now have Tick marks on your dimension lines. You can easily switch between these and arrows.

5. Show Face Cover Setting

Also notice the green horizontals in the drawing above. This horizontal has a "face cover" and is set to show green in the Drawing Settings Window.

6. Alternate Verticals Show in Orange

Also notice an "Alternate Vertical" in orange. Any time an altnerate vertical is added to an elevation it will show in the color orange to make it stand out.

7. Glass Will Show as Actual Size

Also notice the blue glass hatch lines. The glass in your elevation drawings can be set to show in the Drawing Settings window and in the Show menu on the toolbar of the drawing window. These hatch lines now show the actual size of the glass and how it is "captured" by the frame members.

8. Edit Job Glass on Menu Tree

This helpful tool has been added to the main menu under "Jobs". Use Edit Job Glass to easily adjust pricing, glass sizes and labels that show on both the drawings and reports. After adding glass to your elevations, this is the best place to go in order to change specific pieces of glass.

9. Glass Tab List Grows with Window

Now it is easier to see more information and filter for the glass you want to use in your job. Don't forget, you can also update things like Description, Show Label, Color, Price, and Supplier in this list.

10. Supplier Info on Glass Reports

The Supplier field has always been there in the Glass Table, but now any information in that field will print on a Final Glass report. You can get creative and use this field for thermal specs or whatever you like!

11. Drawing Print Button Ties to Shop Drawings

The Print button in the Drawing window will now open the Shop Drawings window so that any settings you have made previsously will be used to print the current elevation. You can easily change any of these settings and regenerate the elevation drawing as well. Remember that you can click the Shop Drawings menu option if you want to print mulitple elevations.

12. Program Code Optimized to Improve Peformance

We have done some more optimization to the WinBidPro core code to help the overall performance of the program. In this update we have improved how the program works with the cut pieces for a job. Those sharing catalogs on a network should especially notice an improvement in performance.

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