Door Jamb Settings

Learn how to configure flat fillers and pocket fillers for door jambs when adding a bulkhead

WinBidPro v15.10 allows you to decide whether to have a door jamb sidelite/pocket filler extend along a bulkhead, or to switch to a flat filler along the bulkhead.

Here is an example elevation we will use to configure these settings.

You can configure these settings in the Door Frame Parts window.

Opening Door Frame Parts from the menu in the left will apply all changes made to future jobs and elevations but not the current elevation.

Opening Door Frame Parts from the "Doors" tab in the bottom will apply all changes made to the current elevation only.

The settings for flat & sidelite fillers can be entered in this section here. Be sure to enter the part numbers for the pocket & flat fillers if they aren't already there.

In this example elevation, we will choose to have a flat filler along the bulkhead rather than the pocket filler continuing down.

To do this, choose "Switch to Flat Filler" and click OK.

We can confirm the changes we made by checking the Elevation Parts window. Note that there is a pocket filler and a flat filler calculated for the right door jamb.

(Tip: type "filler" under description to filter for parts with the word "filler" in their description)

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