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WinBidPro 15.12 Released

Automatic Updates

WinBidPro 15.12 brings an all new install and update experience. Installs should be faster and are able to be done without administrative privileges in most circumstances. Updates are now automatic and happen very quickly in the background while your work so that the next time you open the program, you will have the latest bug fixes without needing to do anything.

Copy to Vendor Changes

Copying a job to another vendor takes time because you have to select replacement systems for everything. Previously WinBidPro forced you to select a single system to apply to all elevations. This was problematic if not all your elevations needed the same system. In 15.12, you don't select a system. Instead we copy over everything from the job except the parts and it's up to you to go to the "Change Framing Systems" action in the elevations or jobs window to swap out the systems. This way you don't lose the system information from the previous job and it's easier to know what system to apply to which elevation.

Updated Windows

The jobs list, frames list, and a few other windows have been updated to match the newer, modern look and features that you've seen elsewhere in the program.

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