Tubelite, Inc.


Tubelite, Inc. is located in Walker, MI, and is well known for on-time delivery and dependable service in the contract glazing industry. Tubelite's mission is to aid in the success of its clients.Visit the Tubelite web site to learn more about their products and services!

What's in the Tubelite catalog for WinBidPro?

  • A Complete List of Parts and List Prices

  • An assortment of Shear Block, Screw Spline, Butt Glazed, and Stacking Storefront Systems

  • A variety of Curtain Wall Systems

  • 900 Series Thermal and Ultra Thermal Ribbon Windows

  • INT45 Interior Framing

  • VersaTherm Storefront Systems

  • An assortment of 197 preconfigured Door Frames

  • An assortment of 180 different Door Leaf Configurations

  • CAD Detail Files are included for all of the Framing Systems.

Tubelite offers a full line of products in the fenestration industry:

  • Doors and Frames

  • Door Hardware

  • Operable Windows

  • Storefront Framing

  • Curtain Wall Systems

  • Impact Resistant Products

  • Daylighting Control

Changes to the last Tubelite, Inc. Update.

  • A variety of 400T Curtain Wall systems were added to the catalog

  • Profiles include 4, 5, 5.5, 6, 7, and 8 inch systems

  • Both Polyamide and standard pressure plate system were added

  • A variety of Open Back and Tubular configurations were configured using both SSG and Roll-Over horizontal options


Changes to the latest Tubelite, Inc. Update.

  • Complete pricing update for all parts

  • Full audit by Tubelite for all framing system configured in this catalog

  • Obsolete systems were removed and oart configurations were updated and verified

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