Why the update warning in 15.11?

In 15.11 you'll get a warning about a significant update being required for each of your catalogs. For catalogs with prices, this update will mark finishes with a $0 price as unsupported (shown as blank prices in the image below). We do this to enable new features in the Final Parts report that make it more accurate and useful, including selecting the proper finish price for mill parts like pressure plate.

Note that parts where finishes were all $0 prices are left unchanged because the program was not able to determine what should be supported or unsupported. See more about quickly editing the the supported finishes in our blog post.


If you share catalogs with other users, it'll be best if everyone updates to 15.11 at the same time. Older versions may revert some finish prices back to $0.00 for finishes that should be unsupported which could cause the wrong prices to be used in jobs created with the new version.

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