YKK AP America, Inc.

YKK AP is a world leader in the manufacturing of aluminum building products. YKK offers a complete line of products for the commercial building industry. To ensure control of quality, delivery, and cost, it has vertically integrated all manufacturing at its technologically advanced manufacturing facilities in Dublin, Georgia.Visit the YKK AP web site to learn more about their products and services!

YKK AP offers a full line of products in the fenestration industry:

  • Entrance Doors

  • Storefront Systems

  • Window Wall

  • Curtain Wall

  • Operable Windows

  • Balcony Doors

  • Sloped Glazing

  • Sun Control

What's in the YKK catalog for WinBidPro?

  • A Complete List of Parts and List Prices

  • An assortment of Shear Block, Screw Spline, and Can Stick Storefront Systems

  • An Assortment of Curtain Wall Systems

  • A variety of Window Wall and Ribbon Window Systems

  • A variety of YHS 50 Hurricane Systems

  • An assortment of 627 different Door Frames

  • An assortment of 462 different Door Leaf Configurations

  • CAD Detail Files are included for all of the Framing Systems.


We fixed blanked Stock Length values for the 2019 r2 YKK catalog?

  • The 2019 r1 catalog had no stock length values for all extruded parts.

  • Install this r2 catalog and remove the r1 from your vendor list. You can backup and restore jobs if necesary.

What changes were made to the 2019 r1 YKK catalog?

  • All parts and prices were updated from YKK's most current list.

  • The finish colors where updated to: Clear, Dark Bronze, Medium Bronze, Champaign, Black, White, 2 Coat, and Mill

  • YCW 750 XT Curtainwall systems were added

  • YES 60 TU Storefront systems were added

  • YES 60 XT Storefront systems were added

  • YWW 50 T Window Wall systems were added

  • YHW 60 TU Window Wall systems were added

  • CAD details for all new systems were added

  • Caulk joints settings were added to all sysetms

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