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How do I renew my license(s) for WinBidPro?

1. Click the Login button in the navigation menu at the top of the webpage 2. Login with your email and password 3. Select "Add additional licenses" or "Renew current licenses" 4. Choose quantity of licenses to purchase 5. Click "Review & Purchase" button Once your purchase is completed your license(s) will be up-to-date.

How can I share jobs and vendor catalogs with other WinBidPro users?

Jobs and catalogs are stored in each vendor catalog's database file (.mdb). A job can be shared by sending the database file of any vendor to another user. To Share a Catalog: 1. Find the WinBidPro folder on your hard drive. 2. Naviagate to WinBidPro > Vendor Catalogs. 3. Send either the entire folder (ex. Arcadia; YKK; Tubelite) or the database file within the folder. Jobs can now be shared with the import/export functions in the job window. To Export a Job: 1. In the "Jobs" window, click the dropdown arrow in the top right corner. 2. Select "Export/Backup Current Job to File", then name the file and choose a location to save it to. 3. It will be saved as a .wbpj file which you can send to another user for importing. To Import a Job: 1. In the "Jobs" window, click the dropdown arrow in the top right corner. 2. Select "Import/Restore Job(s)", then choose a .wbpj file to import.

What are the system requirements for WinBidPro?

Operating System: Windows 7 or newer Processor: Any that is able to run Windows 7 or newer System RAM: 4GB or more Hard Disk Space: 10GB Free Screen Resolution: 1280 x 720 or better (the higher the better) .NET Framework: 3.5 (Install if not present. Windows 10 might require this feature to be turned on if it is not already on.) more info >

How do I install WinBidPro on a new computer?

You can install WinBidPro on as many computers as you like, but each license (attached to your email address) can only be used on one computer at a time. Head to the WinBidPro page under the "Download" tab in the menu at the top of the website. Download and install WinBidPro and login to the program with your email address and password.

I don't see my confirmation email.

Sometimes a confirmation email can end up in your Spam/Junk folder. If you don't see it there either give tech support a call.

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