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WinBidPro V16

Preview (Beta) Now Available!


The brand new WinBidPro v16 Beta is available for licensed GDS users. You can install this program and use it along with v15 if you have a current GDS license.

NOTE: We do not recommend creating real estimates with this Beta version until you are confident that the information it generates is accurate and complete. As a Beta program, the v16 Preview is not a complete program. It does not have all of the features and reports that v15 has. However, it does have new features and configurations that v15 does not. Please use this software with all of this in mind.

WinBidPro v16 Documentation

We will be adding to this new documentation site for v16 indefinitely, but especially during the Beta period. If you prefer reference guides and manuals to training videos, this is a great place to look for v16 training.

Your First Job in v16

Here is an intro video to the early Preview version of WinBidPro v16. Watch how to created your first job and get familiar with v16!

Adding an Entrance

See how to add an entrance to v16. There will be some changes made after the Preview release to make this flow better, but this is how it works now.

Framing System Configurator

Version 16 has an entirely new, more intuitive framing system configuration window. Watch the video to the left for a preview.

SSG Verticals

Configuring SSG verticals is another new feature to v16. See how this works and how your glass sizes will be calculated properly when using structural silicone joints.

Vertical Splices

Learn about the new features in v16 to handle vertical splices for wall jambs and vertical mullions.

Split Feature No Longer Needed

See how v16 doesn't need the split feature anymore, with a new way to add Entrances, and the use of Merged lites.

Glazing Options Feature

See how the Glazing Options feature will let you configure and fine tune gasket, adapters, and setting blocks for different framing system glazing infills.

New Labor Introduction

Take a look at the entirely new approach to labor in v16. Greater flexibility, and a new simpler approach to glazing labor.

New Job Alerts Feature

New for v16 is a feature that alerts you when there is a problem with a part, the way it is configured, or with the drawing itself.

Fix "Cut is too long" Error

See how you can fix a Job Alert where a stock part is cut too long for the stock length of that part.

Merge Daylight Openings

See how easy it is to merge openings in v16!

Butt Glazed Elevation Tips

Learn how to configure a frame for butt glazed glass panels to get the correct glass sizes and look you want.

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