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What's New in This Version


  • Other Hardware list view has been updated and allows multiple selections now

  • You can now double click to select an item in Jobs, Part, and Vendor list views.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error with sort options that was sometimes happening when the glass table was opened

  • Modifying the system defaults did not always update them until application restart

  • Fixed some regression with the Elevation Glass report showing decimal instead of fractional values

  • Long glass descriptions (typically with triple glaze) now wraps to another line in the glass report

  • Elevations were not refreshing properly without redrawing each after using the Change Elevation Frames function

  • Fixed some more error swith the Glass per Elevation report

  • The job name field was not focused automatically when creating a new job

  • Extended the email field for final parts reports to help longer emails fit.

  • Cut List lineal totals and average yield group summary items were not always correct.

Laptop Plant Reflection

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