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What's New in This Version

February 23, 2024 at 6:00:00 PM

Bug Fixes:

  • Consecutive entrances were missing right transom stop on all but last entrance

  • Merge commands where not populating correctly when opening the merge tooltab

  • When adding a new elevation with horizontal tool tab add view open an error message would appear

  • Exported dimensions now use autocad suffix instead of creating a text seperate entity

Laptop Plant Reflection

Don't Forget!

An account is required to use WinBidPro.
  • WinBidPro requires Windows 8 or later (Windows 7 users see below)

  • Create account

  • Download and install WinBidPro

  • Login to WinBidPro

The Old WinBidPro v15

  • v15 has been our staple for more than a decade and now that v16 is here we will no longer be updating this older version of WinBidPro

  • For the foreseeable future you will be able to use both v15 and v16 together under your GDS company account. However, we know you'll appreciate all of the new power and features in v16!

  • You will need to start fresh with v16 catalogs and jobs. There are so many upgrades and differences now, it is not practical to import older information into the new program.

Download WinBidPro



Windows 7 Users

The current version of WinBidPro is no longer compatible with Windows 7.

If you would like to use WinBidPro on  a Windows 7 machine, the last compatible version is v15.12. Click the button to the right to download.

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