WinBidPro v15 Change Log


Bug fixes

  • Automatic selection of a frame while creating new elevations was not selecting the last elevation's frame properly.

  • Fixed some problems for non-english number formats

  • Some menu options were not enabled or disabled properly when a vendor or job was not open

  • Email fields in the Markup form were too small

  • Thickness and minimum area were missing from the Add Job Glass view.

Minor Enhancement

  • Added back and Elevation list report to the Print Lists view to replace the old grid-based print list


Bug fixes

  • Door count, joint count, and cut counts were not loading properly in the Elevations window

Minor Enhancement

  • Added Continuous Gear pivot type to Door Frames and Doors


Bug fixes

  • Deleting an elevation from the elevations list caused an error and the elevation was not fully deleted.


Bug fixes

  • Deleting an elevation was not also deleting its glass from the job and reports.


  • When adding a new elevation to a job with no standard elevations, the empty framing system selection list was confusing some users. We replaced it with a message to clarify that users must click 'Find...' to select a framing system from the catalog the first time around.


Bug fixes

  • Pressure plate labor minutes were multiplied by the lineal total of the job for each elevation, instead of the lineal total of the elevation. This means labor could have been too high, especially in large jobs.


Bug fixes

  • Exports file extensions had an _ instead of . making them not open properly

  • Adding to the optimizer cut list caused an error and the added part would not show until the job was reloaded

  • Fixed an error when dragging the elevation slider in a job with only 1 elevation


Bug Fixes

  • In 15.13.8 - exports of reports were not working properly

  • In 15.13.8 - splices could not be entered due to an error


New Feature

  • Create elevations as a basic, manually entered cut list that allows rapid entry

  • Replaced the Elevations List window with newer UI and better sorting, filtering, and column control.

  • Added a warning when users are past due on their subscription and in a grace period.

  • Added an "Edit Job Part" button to final parts so users can now edit part prices and other details more easily.

  • Added a reminder to edit entrance parts after copying a job to a vendor

Bug fixes

  • Fix startup 'runtime' error that occurs occasionally on startup by replacing the menu tree with more modern code (keeping mostly the same look)

  • Fixed the margins of some reports that caused blank pages to be printed.

  • Fix issues export reports for jobs with invalid windows path characters in the name

  • Labor calcs not always picking up the latest elevation data

  • Fix groupings on the elevation glass report



  • Other Hardware list view has been updated and allows multiple selections now

  • You can now double click to select an item in Jobs, Part, and Vendor list views.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error with sort options that was sometimes happening when the glass table was opened

  • Modifying the system defaults did not always update them until application restart

  • Fixed some regression with the Elevation Glass report showing decimal instead of fractional values

  • Long glass descriptions (typically with triple glaze) now wraps to another line in the glass report

  • Elevations were not refreshing properly without redrawing each after using the Change Elevation Frames function

  • Fixed some more error swith the Glass per Elevation report

  • The job name field was not focused automatically when creating a new job

  • Extended the email field for final parts reports to help longer emails fit.

  • Cut List lineal totals and average yield group summary items were not always correct.


Bug Fixes

  • Finishes were not always applied to new elevations properly resulting in a message about inconsistent finish data when the job was opened next

  • Elevation Glass reports are now generated for all selected elevations at once and we removed the report grid.


Bug Fixes

  • Title Blocks are now stored relative to the master database  so that they are not deleted by an update or uninstall.

  • In some cases, data did not immediately refresh after changing a framing system for multiple elevations.

  • Edits to Job Glass were not automatically saving properly.

  • Edits to Job Glass were not immediately reflected in the drawing.

  • Fixed some report margins

  • Finishes list view was showing a select button when it was not in select mode

  • Opening the elevation glass report from Print Reports was coming up with an empty report.


Bug Fixes

  • DWG Shop Drawing exports did not work for some users

  • The Edit Part view was not properly sync'ing package quantities and package prices causing prices to sometimes change unexpectedly after editing the package quantity.

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