WinBidPro 15 Change Log



  • Other Hardware list view has been updated and allows multiple selections now

  • You can now double click to select an item in Jobs, Part, and Vendor list views.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error with sort options that was sometimes happening when the glass table was opened

  • Modifying the system defaults did not always update them until application restart

  • Fixed some regression with the Elevation Glass report showing decimal instead of fractional values

  • Long glass descriptions (typically with triple glaze) now wraps to another line in the glass report

  • Elevations were not refreshing properly without redrawing each after using the Change Elevation Frames function

  • Fixed some more error swith the Glass per Elevation report

  • The job name field was not focused automatically when creating a new job

  • Extended the email field for final parts reports to help longer emails fit.

  • Cut List lineal totals and average yield group summary items were not always correct.


Bug Fixes

  • Finishes were not always applied to new elevations properly resulting in a message about inconsistent finish data when the job was opened next

  • Elevation Glass reports are now generated for all selected elevations at once and we removed the report grid.


Bug Fixes

  • Title Blocks are now stored relative to the master database  so that they are not deleted by an update or uninstall.

  • In some cases, data did not immediately refresh after changing a framing system for multiple elevations.

  • Edits to Job Glass were not automatically saving properly.

  • Edits to Job Glass were not immediately reflected in the drawing.

  • Fixed some report margins

  • Finishes list view was showing a select button when it was not in select mode

  • Opening the elevation glass report from Print Reports was coming up with an empty report.


Bug Fixes

  • DWG Shop Drawing exports did not work for some users

  • The Edit Part view was not properly sync'ing package quantities and package prices causing prices to sometimes change unexpectedly after editing the package quantity.


Bug Fixes

  • Face covers at the head did not follow height changes

  • Glass by Elevation report would only accept 1 elevation selection instead of multiple


Bug Fixes

  • Glass by Elevation report was not working. The panel selection screen showed instead of elevation selection.

  • The Task Running window did not wrap text to a new line when it was too small to fit on a single line.


Bug Fixes

  • The new installer was missing some files that WinBidPro required to run. This affected mostly fresh installs on new machines as most users' machines already had the files intalled in the past.

  • The WinBidPro CAD shortcut was not getting created.

Known Issue

  • File associations with WinBidPro CAD existing before 15.12 will be broken. We hope to resolve this automatically in an update very soon. You can manually associate dwg and dxf files with it by right clicking a dwg or dxf file, then go to Open With... > Choose an app > Goto C:\Users\<user>\AppData\local\WinBidPro\WinBidProCAD.exe


New Features

  • New Installer with Automatic Updates This is the first iteration of our new installer with automatic updates. It no longer requires administrative access to install and it will automatically check for updates and install them in the background as your work.

  • New Job List window

  • New Copy to Vendor process

  • New Frames List window

Bug Fixes

  • Modified and Added cuts of an imported job had blank part number and component type fields in the optimizer.


Bug Fixes

  • Centerlines sometimes caused an error processing the elevation they were applied to.

  • Final Glass exports stopped working in 15.11.6


Bug Fixes and New Features

  • Custom Report Titles for Final Glass were not keeping their capitalization.

  • New Door Configurator using newer UI features like the framing system screen does. Note that you can now add more than 10 parts to a component which is helpful for doors with lots of hardware.

  • New Door Configurator fixes some issues with opening the door configurator when creating a new door from the doors list.

  • Some markup job data was not getting copied when copying a job: Other Material, Add to Labor, Subcontractor Costs, Equipment Rental, and Miscellaneous

  • Fixes issues viewing and editing CAD details from the Framing Sytem view.

  • Adds to the markup view the ability to override the labor costs generated by the program.


Bug Fixes and New Features

  • Added the current elevation's Frame Type to the layout tab

  • Added the ability to view change log notes in the catalog downloader

  • Labor calcs now automatically process when Final Summary and Markup reports are opened.

  • Added missing XLS and PDF exports for Lineal Final Parts report

  • Fixed tooltip for sync parts options

  • Fixed issue where horizontal profiles of types 2,3,4 used the profile of horizontal type 1 when they are set to 0.

  • Added the Alt. Supplier column to the parts grid for quick editing

  • Added ability to set a custom title to Final Glass and Final Parts reports


Bug Fixes

  • Some rare situations with manual final part adjustments caused errors in final parts that prevent it from loading

  • Older catalogs could not be added due to a silent error

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