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About Vendors

GDS software incorporates all of the major architectural aluminum manufacturers in North America. These vendor catalogs contain parts, pricing, and a wide variety of product configurations which allow GDS customers to quickly and accurately create estimates and production reports. Many catalogs that have been configured for GDS contain detail CAD drawings. These detail combined with elevations drawings created in our software, allow for complete shop drawings for any given job. The accuracy and completeness of these vendor catalogs is invaluable to those who use the GDS System, and is made possible by the relationships we have developed with the leading manufacturers in this industry.

Becoming a GDS Vendor

There is no cost in becoming a vendor in the GDS System, although this doesn't mean the process is entirely free. Some effort is required by both you, the manufacturer, and GDS in order to make a vendor catalog a usable and valuable addition to our software. Open the PDF file below to see the steps required for becoming a vendor in our system. The template files discussed in this document are list below as well.

Directions for Submitting your Catalog to GDS
MS Access Template
MS Excel Template

Another Option for Creating a New Vendor Catalog

If you want to create a vendor catalog in the new WinBidPro software, but only have a couple hundred parts or so, it is often easier to start with a blank vendor file and manually add the parts. You can install this Custom Vendor file and simply add your parts, framing systems, door frames, and doors without having to import anything or wait for anyone. If you want this new catalog to be added to your list of vendors to install, you could always send it to GDS so that we can create an install file. We can then post it on our site and list it on our installation CD-ROM. Be sure to review the Help documentation in the program and the training videos on our Training Page.

Answers to Vendor Questions

If you have questions about the process of adding your company to the GDS System, or if you have questions about a particular vendor catalog, contact our Vendor Relations Director:

Norrel Pugay
858.538.4375 x103

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