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WinBidPro v16 Change Log


4/17/24, 3:00 PM

Bug Fix:

  • Validation was preventing a subframe entrance being used as an up and over where the subframe head is the panel head


4/16/24, 3:00 PM


  • New popup message when trying to print/ export data notifiying the user if there are any error level job alerts.

  • Continuous vertical adapters are spliced with verticals


4/8/24, 3:00 PM


  • (Beta) new template default values improved

Bug Fix:

  • Swing line thickness was not scaling properly for shop drawings


4/4/24, 3:00 PM


  • (Beta) Operable window template types hinged, sliding and hung added.

Bug Fixes:

  • Cut list items are rounded to 16ths unless length adjustment or exact length specify 32nds in which case we use that precision.

  • Width and height dimension labels on drawing should match the rounded values on the report (rounded to 16ths).

  • Markup total when "do not tax markup" was checked was incorrect not including the material markup.

  • Door leaves stop assembly uses default glass bite value if the input value is 0.


3/27/24, 8:15 PM


  • (Beta) Operable Window Templates gets width and height deductions and tool tab is altered to be more aligned with other tool tab application behaviors.

Bug Fixes:

  • Continuous horizontal commands drew  incorrectly spanning across entrances and panel adjustments.

  • Trouble adding a merge starting in panel number one where there is a bulk head command.


3/20/24, 1:15 AM


  • Annotations tooltab added as beta feature

  • Sort catalogs in menu alphabetically

Bug Fixes:

  • Double clicking team on startup could cause code to run twice creating an error


3/19/24, 6:36 AM


  • Can now link to another team and transfer jobs between teams.

  • Can now deselect the quick filters in the door leaf/frame views to stop filtering by some parameter more easily.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved some issues with the door leaf/frame quick filter showing filters selected that were not actually applied.

  • Fixed an issue editing splices of alternate members


3/12/24, 4:00 AM


  • Irregular glass shop drawings released in beta mode

Bug Fixes:

  • Parts per elevation was not honoring the fraction setting

  • Checkbox to hide welcome tab was not initilizing its state properly


3/9/24, 5:00 AM


  • Elevation description font size increased as it was much smaller then v15 and users reported it being hard to read

  • An enable beta features setting has been added to gain feedback from users for a new operable window feature and more

Bug Fixes:

  • Cut list report was would leave the first page blank when it could not fit all  of a group of cuts on one page

  • In some obscure cases when a particular angle rake had non interrupting verticals the continuous head could cause a malformed drawing

  • Adding a negative glass bite to entrance frames with transom would not draw as expected


3/8/24, 3:45 AM


  • Entrance door heads inside of a receptor now show the hidden part of the door head as a dashed pink line and automatically adds a reveal extending below the receptor

  • When adding an entrance that spans panels all panels between the start and end selection are now highlighted

Bug Fixes:

  • Entrances with a head receptor needing a slight gap between the door head and the top of the receptor could not be drawn in a straight forward way


3/6/24, 7:45 AM


  • Rework some splice tab UI to help distinguish the new head/sill splice command from the receptor splice command

Bug Fixes:

  • Editing a predefined door leaf did not save all user changes

  • Adding an alternate assembly through the tool tab would not copy new parts to the job parts list


3/2/24, 1:30 AM


  • New splice type to now splice head and sill backmembers fc and pp

  • Face cover and pressure plates can be toggled for certain splice commands

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