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WinBidPro v16 Change Log


9/13/23, 4:30 PM

Bug Fixes:

  • The program could not access the internet behind a proxy server


9/11/23, 7:30 PM

Bug Fixes:

  • One of the final parts csv exports didn't show the correct quantity since the previous update (16.4.4).

  • Allow 2 digits in the panel numbers when changing the panels an entrance is applied to

  • Reduce the line thickness of printouts by 40% because they were too thick


9/7/23, 5:00 PM


  • Added anti-walk block and side block part types

  • Added buttons to the splice tool tab to automatically determine and add the longest vertical 

  • Added a way to reset window positions

  • F1 now opens the contextual help window

  • Added average yield to the cut list report

Bug Fixes:

  • If one elevation failed to process, it was often stopping other elevations from processing causing lots of data to be missing.

  • We now show job errors in more situations when an elevation fails to process.

  • Fixed various issues with the Edit Elevation window and punched openings. Swapping a punched opening entrance system often did not work.


8/24/23, 4:30 AM


  • Batch reports elevation selection moved down in window to help clarify that selection only influences elevation reports

Bug Fixes:

  • Changes to grid layout, grouping and sorting was not saving properly

  • Punched Opening type elevations would not save changes to name or code


8/17/23, 2:04 AM


  • Entrance install and fabrication columns added to elevation labor report

Bug Fixes:

  • Splice job errors were duplicating when updating an elevation

  • Some windows would error or crash when a grid item was selected and the window was closed

  • The local setting file UserSettings was failing to notify user when it did not have permission to update the file

  • Elevation description {CurrentDate} in drawing was in the unexpected order of dd/mm/yyyy and would overlap panel numbers when exceeding two rows


8/16/23, 2:53 AM


  • Download default title blocks in the Shop Drawings View

  • Editing title block attributes now dynamically shows the attribute names from the selected title block DWG

  • Some error and event logging improvements

Bug Fixes:

  • User sign out bug fixed

  • If an item was selected in some grids when the view was closed a null reference error would occur.

  • Optimized cut list report would sometimes bleed outside the page boundaries


8/11/23, 4:00 AM

Improvments and New Features:

  • Glass Tool Tab now remembers the last selections of buttons and product when reactivating

  • You can now copy/paste components

  • You can now archive jobs

  • Performance improvements loading the entrances list

  • The "Export Reports Data (beta)" option for 3rd party applications and advanced users now includes embedded DXF files with the contour of non-rectangular glass.

  • We added a "Contextual Help" window that can display helpful information about features you are interacting with. Currently supports the tool tabs and framing system view.

Bug fixes:

  • Changing framing system via the Edit Elevation view was not working

  • Up & over entrances across mutliple panels caused an error processing the elevation

  • The job errors view crashed the program if the user got into a state where no job was open but the view was showing

  • Some errors processing the elevation will now appear in the Job Errors to make it clear data is missing. There are additional improvments we will make in the following updates.

  • When opening a job, if processing an elevation errored, the elevations following it would not process.

  • In some cases, the elevation width could be 1/32 short.

  • Fixed error when changing the entrance of a punched opening

  • Fixed an issue changing the entrance of a punched opening that could crash the program

  • Fixed some issues with the auto-filter of the entrances list in scenarios where only some entrance types are valid


8/5/23, 4:00 AM

Bug Fixes:

  • Rake tool tab errored when editing a rake if you didn't first add one during the session.

  • Glass report incorrectly listed glass height and width as the same when user preference for measurements was set to Decimal format.

  • Spaced hardware wasn't working for continuous head/sill (aka receptors)

  • Frame Perimeter component parts were not included in final parts

  • The Door Frame Assembly Edit view was not properly loading spaced hardware part options causing them to not be applied in some cases.

  • The Final Parts and Lineal Parts report menu items could sometimes open the wrong report.


7/17/23, 4:00 PM


  • Batch report has some organizational changes and we added a CSV export for Glass To Order

  • Lineal parts report was added to the batch reports

  • Added the ability to save a job framing system to the catalog

Bug fix:

  • Fraction/Decimal was not applying to the Rake tool and Measuring tool

  • Lineal parts CSV was not showing in feet for Measured parts such as Gasket (it was in inches)

  • We removed the confusing exports from the print window such as export to excel. Users should use the CSV exports instead.

  • Fixed a jamb dimension bug not accounting for subsill and trim.

  • Final glass was not always grouping by size properly

  • Fixed sorting and grouping issues with the By GDS column in various grids

  • Job to catalog parts sync and catalog to job part sync operations were only updating prices and now updates all fields (except multipliers)


7/17/23, 4:00 PM


  • Glass tooltab gets better panel hover highlight to see affected lites more clearly

Bug Fixes:

  • Edit Elevation view could sometimes cause a null reference in other views

  • Splice Configuration view inside the Assembly Edit view was crashing

  • A bulkhead in lieu of caulk with an entrance in the middle could caused a lite to be missing

  • Sill Receptor Vertical Trim was being applied to verticals splitting a transom when Door Jambs are captured in Receptor


7/10/23, 4:20 PM


  • You can now delete multiple elevations in the job explorer at the same time. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Some users experienced a null reference with the glass tab open.

  • Final Glass Report height and width would show fractions when user setting was decimal.

  • Final Glass Report and View now rounds glass  height and width consistently.

  • Copy part was not working because it was implemented Edit Validation instead of New Part Validation.


7/8/23, 4:20 PM


  • Labor configurations can now be set when creating a new elevation

  • Default selected labor config is set/disabled under Settings → Labor Config. → Job Labor → Other Labor Defaults

  • Batch report CSV export success messages can be clicked to open the folder containing export

  • Elevation Overview added under Reports

Bug Fixes:

  • Switching elevation with the glass tooltab open would not automatically zoom fit

  • Glass lite on second door leaf of a pair was visually askew in relation to door deduct

  • Cut List generation logic made more resilient when it cannot reference the job part

  • Splices on door jambs for a PO would error. Now they are added but in the case of a PO type elevation this only has visual impact

  • Misc labor values was missing on the Labor Per Elevation Report

  • Labor csv export was multiplying hours by the elevation quantity a second time in error

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