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This Part 2 Webinar will cover Job Info and Job Notes tabs in WinBidPro v15. It will be well suited for beginning to advanced level users.

This Webinar will help you:

  • Learn how to add notes and important contact information to your quotes.
  • See how to use a System Defaults feature to improve your Markup Report save time.
  • Take advantage of the export features available in WinBidPro.
  • Review the different ways to print the Markup Report.

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Training Partners

HK What-If

Harlan Kloostra offer training services for both GDS WinBidPro v15, and EasyCAD and FastCAD software. Harlan is a reseller of these CAD programs, and they work very well with the drawings and details created by GDS. Harlan is a long time GDS partner and an extremely experienced glazier, estimator, project manager, draftsman, and more!

S George and Company

Dean George is an industry professional who has turned his attention to educating and training new estimators looking for a career in the glazing industry. Dean takes a real world approach to his training and has devised a curriculum which takes you through all of steps of bidding a fenestration job.