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Training Videos

Learn the ins and outs of WinBidPro with our detailed training videos.

Update Overviews

 v15.xx Update Info

Learn about the new features in the latest WinBidPro Update

Getting Started

Creating a Job

Learn how to create your first job in WinBidPro.

Managing Data

Share, update, import and export your vendor catalogs

Managing Licenses

Sign up a new or existing user, manage your team's licenses

Using WinBidPro

CAD Details & Shop Drawings

Configure your shop drawings and CAD details.

Drawing Tabs

The backbone of WinBidPro. Learn how to configure your drawings.


Configure a door frame, door leaf, and entrance packages.

Framing Systems

Learn how to manage and edit framing systems.


All things glass-related.


Configure labor and change labor defaults.


Use the optimizer window to view and edit optimized stock lengths.

Parts List & Job Parts

Update job parts, change finish color, and add or remove parts.

System Defaults

Change what the program does when started up.

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