CAD Details & Shop Drawings

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Setting default CAD program to open .dwg & .dxf Files

If you're getting an error when trying to open your drawing in CAD, you will have to set the default CAD program to open .dwg and .dxf files. Step 1: Open Windows Settings and click "Apps" Step 2: Click "Default apps" in the menu on the left. Scroll down and click "Choose default apps by file type". Step 3: Scroll down until you see ".dwg" and ".dxf". Click the "Choose a default" button to the right of the file types, then select WinBidPro CAD or your preferred CAD software from the list.

Drawing Settings - Configure what is displayed in your drawings

The Drawing Settings window allows you to configure what is displayed in your drawings. For example you can choose to display glass, detail callouts, caulk joints, change description text, etc. To open Drawing Settings click the "Drawing Settings" button under "Shop Drawings" in the menu on the left. In the "General" tab of the Drawing Settings Window, you can select what is visible in your drawing e.g. glass, frame, glass sizes, doors, detail callouts etc. Here you can also choose what is displayed the description text beneath the drawing. In the "Dimensions" tab, you can choose how your dimension labels are displayed. In the "Cut Options" tab you can configure the precision of material cuts, how the drawing behaves when panels cannot be evenly divided in an opening, and glass stop cuts. In the "Printing & Exports" tab you can configure print previews, whether you want to print landscape or portrait, and what file type to create if exporting to CAD. In the "Other" tab you can choose the background color of your drawings.

Shop Drawings

The Shop Drawings window allows you to configure your drawings before you print them or save them as CAD files. On the right you can view all of the pages that will be exported/printed. By default elevations are distributed to one per page. Details are grouped into pages based on the framing systems used. Under "Page Setup" you can choose the scale of your drawings, page size & orientation, margin size, and color preferences. Title Blocks can also be customized or excluded here.

Shop Drawing Title Blocks

In this video you will learn how to configure title blocks for your shop drawings.

Detail Drawings

The details of a framing system can be viewed in the Framing System Configurator. To view details, click "Eev Frame Sys" in the menu on the left In the "Stock Length Material" tab, click "View" under the detail you want to view. A window will pop-up of the detail you opened. You can change the detail file for a given extrusion by double clicking the file location and selecting a new file.

WinBidPro CAD

Video 1: How to move and delete objects Video 2: Working with text Video 3: Re-sizing lines and rectangles