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  • What are the system requirements for WinBidPro v16?
    Operating System: Windows 10 or newer Processor: Any that is able to run Windows 10 or newer System RAM: 12GB or more Hard Disk Space: 10GB Free Screen Resolution: Minimum is 1280 x 720 but the higher the better Display monitor size: at least 15" for laptop, or 22" for desktop displays. Multiple monitors are highly recommended more info >
  • How do I install WinBidPro on a new computer?
    You can install WinBidPro on as many computers as you like, but each license (attached to your email address) can only be used on one computer at a time. Head to the WinBidPro page under the "Download" tab in the menu at the top of the website. Download and install WinBidPro and login to the program with your email address and password. In WinBidPro v16 all of your vendors and jobs are on our web server, so all of your company's work will be there on this new computer.
  • How do I renew my license(s) for WinBidPro?
    1. Click the Login button in the navigation menu at the top of the webpage (might be under More menu) 2. Login with your email and password 3. Select "Manage My Company" if is your own account, or you manage multiple licenses for your company. Non-Manager users can only edit their user profile. 4. Click the "Manage Subscription / Billing" button to adjust user quantities and your payment information. Once your purchase is completed your license(s) will be up-to-date.
  • I don't see my confirmation email.
    Sometimes a confirmation email can end up in your Spam/Junk folder. If you don't see it there either give tech support a call.
  • Can multiple users work on a job at the same time?
    Placing catalogs/jobs on a network drive will allow multiple people on your team to work on a job simultaneously. This will save your team the trouble of having to export and send a job to another user each time a change is made. It is important to note the difference between a network/server drive, and a cloud drive such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Placing catalogs on Google Drive or Dropbox will not allow multiple users to work on the same job simultaneously. The following process will only work if catalogs are placed onto a network/server drive. To share catalogs and jobs on a network drive: Step 1: Locate your Master.mdb & Hardware2.mdb files. Note* Unless you performed a fresh install of WinBidPro later than or as of version 15.10, your Master.mdb and Hardware2.mdb files will be in your WinBidPro Installation folder in your local drive’s main directory. If you have performed a fresh install of WinBidPro version 15.10 or later, your WinBidPro folder will be in User > Documents > WinBidPro Step 2: Create a new folder on your network drive. For this example we’ll name it “WinBidPro Catalogs”. Step 3: Copy Master.mdb and Hardware2.mdb into the folder you created on your network drive. Step 4: In WinBidPro, you will need to set the new location of your Master.mdb file. -- Click “System Defaults” in the menu on the left -- In the System Defaults window, click “Set Location of Master.mdb” -- Locate and choose Master.mdb in your new folder on your network drive. Doing this tells WinBidpro to download new catalogs into the folder that your Master.mdb file is in. Now, any time you use the “Get More Catalogs” feature, they will automatically be downloaded into the folder that your Master.mdb file is in. Step 5: If you want to share catalogs or jobs that have already been used or are currently being used, copy them from the WinBidPro folder on your local drive onto the new folder on your network drive. -- Locate the vendor catalogs in the WinBidPro folder on your local drive. (They will be in the same folder that your Master.mdb and Hardware2.mdb files were originally located). -- Copy your catalogs and paste them into the new folder on your network drive. For this example we will copy over the Oldcastle catalog. Step 6: In WinBidPro, we now need to set the new location of the catalogs on the network drive. -- Click “Vendors” in the menu on the left -- Click “Add Existing Catalog” and choose the .mdb file of whichever catalog you are adding. Now we can see the file location for the Oldcastle catalog is set to the network drive. Step 7: The final step is to let WinBidPro know which catalogs will be shared. To do this, click the catalog that you will be sharing, then click “share catalog”. We can now see that the box in the “Shared” column is highlighted. The other users who will be sharing the catalogs will have to set the location of the Master.mdb file to the network drive, and add the catalogs from the network drive as well.
  • Sharing catalogs and jobs is built-into WinBidPro v16
    WinBidPro v16 is a hybrid MS Windows application that uses cloud based data. This lets a company account, with all of its users, shared catalogs and jobs automatically.
  • How can I share jobs and vendor catalogs with other WinBidPro users?
    Jobs and catalogs are stored in each vendor catalog's database file (.mdb). A job can be shared by sending the database file of any vendor to another user. To Share a Catalog: 1. Find the WinBidPro folder on your hard drive. 2. Naviagate to WinBidPro > Vendor Catalogs. 3. Send either the entire folder (ex. Arcadia; YKK; Tubelite) or the database file within the folder. Jobs can now be shared with the import/export functions in the job window. To Export a Job: 1. In the "Jobs" window, click the dropdown arrow in the top right corner. 2. Select "Export/Backup Current Job to File", then name the file and choose a location to save it to. 3. It will be saved as a .wbpj file which you can send to another user for importing. To Import a Job: 1. In the "Jobs" window, click the dropdown arrow in the top right corner. 2. Select "Import/Restore Job(s)", then choose a .wbpj file to import.
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