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Coral Architectural Products


Headquartered Tuscaloosa, AL, Coral offers a full line of architectural products among other products in the fenestration industry. Visit the Coral web site to learn more about their products and services!

Coral offers these quality products:

  • Entrance Doors

  • Storefront Systems

  • Curtain Wall Systems

  • Operable Windows

  • Architectural and Decorative Glass

  • Shower Enclosures

What's in the Coral catalog for WinBidPro?

  • A Complete List of Parts and List Prices

  • Screw Spline and Curtain Wall, and Impact Systems

  • All configured systems include CAD Detail Drawings

  • Offset Pivot Narrow and Medium Stile Doors

  • A full assortment of Center Hung, Butt Hung, and Offset Pivot Entrances

  • A full assortment of Narrow, Medium, and Wide Style Doors

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