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WinBidPro v16 is officially out!

May 2023 - We are both happy and proud to announce the release of our entirely new WinBidPro v16 software! Here is a list of some of the improvements that you will find in v16. For the long list of improvements and documentation for using v16 go to our Docs Page.

Some of the New v16 Features!

  • Cloud based data management - AWS server hosted data for maximum security, performance, and reliability.

  • Manufacturer Catalogs - Vendor catalogs are simply selected for use in your company account. These don’t need to be installed or updated. All manufacturer updates to catalog data goes “live” after we update the information on the server.

  • One Jobs List for All - Jobs are displayed in one list regardless of the manufacturer, making it much easier to find past quotes.

  • Welcome Tab - This shows you recent jobs and give options for creating and opening jobs. It also shows helpful tips and points out new features in the program.

  • Fully Editable Data - You can still edit and copy configurations for any catalog in your company account, while the default configurations remain unchanged. This allows manufacturer updates to occur real-time, and prevents these changes from interfering with your own changes.

  • All New Configuration Windows - Frame, Door Frame, and Door Leaf configurations now use Assemblies for each given component. This allows multiple assemblies to be saved for any given component (head, sill, jambs, etc.). This gives you an Alternate feature for any component in a drawing.

  • Improved Interaction with Drawings - Drawing interface is more interactive than ever. Panels can be clicked when adding entrances. Glass lites can be clicked for merging, and panels clicked for changing width and height – to name a few.

  • Huge Improvement to Rake/Sloped Top Elevations - Rake and Gable tops can easily and intuitively be added to any elevation. Rakes can start or end mid panel and start/end points can be edited for precise design and sizing. True "gabled" headers can be easily created.

Download the WinBidPro v16 software any time to start using it. Your current GDS license will let you use both the v15 and v16 software at the same time. New users of course, will get a free 30-day trial to learn and review the program.

You will be able to access all of your catalogs and jobs from any computer running WinBidPro v16 since all of it's data is hosted on the web. This means no need to backup, reinstall, or copy data when you get a new computer.

Give it a try and see for yourself how all of the improvements we have made will make creating commercial glass bids faster and easier than ever.

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