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2022 Update to Trulite Catalog Complete!

This update took some TLC to get the parts and pricing correct, but the 2022 r3 Trulite catalog was finally posted on June 21, 2022.

This catalog has been thoroughly updated with new pricing, the removal of Powder Coat pricing, the removal of obsolete parts and framing systems, and new framing systems. Detail files were added to the new systems, and were updated for any systems that required changes.

We recommend installing this new catalog with the "Get More Catalogs" button in the Vendors window, and then importing any jobs that you were working on in the older catalog. Remember, you can Export and Import jobs from the Jobs window by clicking on the "Copy & Backup Utilities" drop down at the top of the window.

Keep in mind, if you want to export a job with the Powder Coat finish, you will have to change the color to one of the other colors before you export it, since that finish was removed from the new catalog. You can do this in the "Current Job Actions" drop down in the Jobs window.

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