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Another YKK 2022 Catalog Update

We had customers report that the pricing for Champagne, Medium Bronze, and Black were listed with pricing rounded to the nearest dollar in the 2022 r3 catalog, so we realized that we didn't receive the exact pricing from YKK in the last update.

We adjusted the pricing in the YKK 2022 r4 catalog to reflect the exact pricing referenced in their February 10, 2022 price book update. Here are the specific changes that were made to the r4 catalog for WinBidPro.

  • YH3N - Champagne finish is calculated from Dark Bronze +15%

  • YB1N - Medium Bronze finish is calculated from Dark Bronze +15%

  • YK1N - Black finish is calculated from Dark Bronze +10%

This is all that changed in the r4 version of the catalog.

Remember that you can install this new catalog, then use the "Update Parts" tool in the Vendor List window to update your older YKK catalog. Then you can remove the r4 version from your vendor list.

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