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Corrected 2022 r3 YKK Catalog Update!

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we discovered that the pricing was incorrect in the file we originally received from YKK containing their end of 2021 price updates.

We just published a 2022 r3 update, which now has all of the correct pricing for YKK.

If you now have multiple versions of this 2022 catalog, there are a few ways to get start using this update.

  1. You can install the r3 catalog, and update the parts in your existing r2 or r1 YKK catalog. To do this, you go open the Vendors window, and click on the catalog you want to update, then click the Other Actions button at the top, and select Update Parts. This will let you pick the YKK r3 catalog as the one to Update From. Then you can remove the r3 catalog from the list when you are done.

  2. You can install and use the r3 catalog. You will want to make sure your multipliers are set in the new r3 Parts List. You can use the Change a Group of Parts button at the top of the Parts List window to do this. Just make sure you filter the list of parts to the correct group of parts before you change the multipliers for the group. Remember that you can export jobs from an older YKK catalog, and import them into the r3 catalog. If you do this, you can update the parts in that job via the Current Job Actions button at the top of the Jobs window. Use the Sync Parts - Catalog to Job option in that menu to do this.

  3. You can always install the r3 catalog and simply start creating new jobs in this new catalog. Keep in mind, you will still want to update your multipliers when using a new catalog.

Here is a link to a document we created to show you how to update multipliers in a catalog:

Here is also a link to a video on our Learn page that shows how to update multipliers:

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