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Fix for CG451 System in Trulite 2022 r3 Catalog

The Joint Sealant Tape part GT-1 is configured incorrectly at the Head, Horizontal, and Sill.

Below is a screenshot of the configuration that was posted, and below that is the correct configuration. In the original state, way too much tape will be included in your quotes.

Make this change by clicking on the Framing Systems menu link then:

  • Find the CG451 system, select it

  • Click the Edit button

  • Delete the *5 and *7 from each place GT-1 is used

  • Save this when you have just the GT-1 part number by itself

This updates the default CG451 system so that any new job you create will now have this correction. Note that this will still come out with probably twice as much tape as needed. Eventually the v16 program will have a part option to specify the length of tape needed at a joint. Right now it in both v15 and v16 it will calculate one foot per component, so 6" per joint.

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