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Setting Block Pricing Fixed in Arcadia 2022 r3 Catalog

We found a problem with the Setting Block part pricing in the 2022 r2 catalog.

The prices showed as the package price multiplied by the package quantity -- which is of course way too high.

We fixed this in the r3 catalog by dividing the package price by the package quantity to get the correct package price. You can fix your own r2 catalog by doing the same thing.

Here is how to fix it:

  • Click the Parts List link in the menu tree

  • Click the Package Qty heading until the list is sorted from largest to smallest. This will show all of the accessory parts at the top of the list.

  • You will notice a part like SB12124 with the price way too high. Follow the steps above to calculate the correct package price and simply edit the value in the list.

This will fix your catalog for all future jobs. If you have current jobs that are off on pricing, you can edit the price in the Final Parts window for that job.

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