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Significant update to Arcadia Architectural Catalog!

We just update the Arcadia Architectural catalog to a 2022 r1 version number. This is an important update for this catalog since the last few versions didn't have any pricing.

Arcadia was able to give us pricing for hardware, Clear, and Bronze finishes, mainly for Storefront and Window Wall systems. We are working on updating the Curtain Wall parts and prices now, so another update will follow when this is done.

In addition to this, many of the accessory parts have been renamed and updated. This is especially true for setting blocks and water dams. While update all of the accessory parts in storefront and window wall systems, many other corrections were made. Some systems were missing extrusions, some hardware, and many had incorrect adjustments for head and sill cans, and sill receptors.

You will notice what systems have been modified by looking at the Depth value in the list of frames. Before the update, none of the Arcadia systems had a value for the depth of the frame. Arcadia and GDS both thought that it would be better to release this update now, and the curtain wall changes later, so that people could utilize the pricing, and the corrected frame configurations right away.

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