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Updated Tubelite 2022 r1 Catalog Posted

On January 21st, we posted a new Tubelite, Inc. catalog that contains some new framing systems and parts, as well as some updates to some existing systems.

Here is what is new:

  • New 400SS Curtain Wall Systems were added which use the new Fiberglass Thermal Pressure Plates. A variety of systems with different depths were added, including the necessary parts and details.

  • The 900RW Window Wall systems were updated with new head receptor configurations, along with the necessary parts and details.

You can install this new catalog from the Vendors window inside WinBidPro, and it will be added to your list of vendors. Here are some things you can do to either update your older Tubelite catalog, or start using the new one.

  • You can Export or Import Framing Systems from one catalog to another via the Export and Import buttons at the top of the Framing Systems window. This will copy any new part information along with the frame configuration.

  • You also Export and Import Door Frames and Leaves from one catalog to another. For example, if you want to start using the new catalog, but have entrance configurations you've made in the old catalog, you can export from the old, and import into the new.

  • You can always start using the new catalog as is, and create any new jobs in it. Then you can just switch over to the older catalog to look at older jobs.

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