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Why we're Retiring the CloudGDS App on Nov 21st

A few years ago, we started moving toward a cloud-centered application. Our first endeavor led to the creation of that hosted a simple cut list application. From this experiment, we realized web technologies weren't quite ready for a small team like ours to build a full fledged CAD and estimating application that could replace v15; therefore we shifted our focus.

3 years ago we began work on WinBidPro v16 -- a desktop app that stores it's data in the cloud. We are now approaching the alpha stage of v16 and the CloudGDS App is too old for us to maintain while also bringing v16 online and maintaining our primary product, WinBidPro v15. However, we aren't totally abandoning what the CloudGDS app did well!

An Alternative

If you love the simplicity of the CloudGDS app and don't want to totally lose it, keep an eye out for some WinBidPro v15 updates. We are currently building a cut list feature in v15 that makes it extremely easy to build cut lists in the same way CloudGDS did. We don't have an exact release date but hope to complete it before CloudGDS comes down.

What About my CloudGDS Jobs Data?

We plan to keep your CloudGDS data in our database for quite some time and provide a way to access and export it.


If you have questions or concerns about this shutdown, please contact us by email or phone.

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