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WinBidPro 15.10.2 Released

This is an update to fix some bugs in the recent 15.10 update as well as introduce another small enhancement for door frame fillers:

More Door Frame Sidelite options - Door Frames now have distinct components for Flat and Sidelite fillers. Flat filler is applied along the wall including under and above sidelites whereas sidelite filler, as the name suggests, is applied along any lites and joints next to the door. Notice in the screenshots below there are options for how to handle the filler under a sidelite:

Bug fixes:

  • "Length Adjustment" entry issues - entering adjustments in the classic way (using > and < in the part number field of components) in the framing system had issues because the value was rounded to a fraction before the user finished typing.

  • Custom "Frame Types" did not load properly - The Frame Types dropdown box in the Framing System Configuration view would not load custom frame types for labor calculations.

  • Issue with Metal Cut Labels - cut lengths did not display as fractions

  • Framing system text in the status bar did not update properly - After changing the current elevation's framing system, the program still showed the previous system's description in the bottom status bar

  • Copy Job errors

  • Copy to Vendor errors

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