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WinBidPro 15.10.3 Released

This release adds a new feature for glass fill patterns (hatches) and fixes several bugs.

Change the Glass Fill Pattern

15.10.3 adds the ability to change how glass is displayed and printed. Users asked for the ability to show vision glass and spandrel differently. Now you can set the default fill pattern of glass from the Drawing Settings and then apply a pattern to specific glass products.


Steps to set the fill pattern of a glass product.

Then go to the glass tab and (re)add the glass that has the new fill pattern


Bug Fixes

  • Door Jamb Filler fix - When the sidelite filler setting was set to Continue below a sidelite (along a bulkhead) it was instead using flat filler in many cases. Only affects users using 15.10.2.

  • Arch Glass Not Clickable - You could not apply glass directly to arch glass.

  • Arch Glass Wrong Size - The Final Glass report did not properly calculate and display the size of arch glass.

  • Round Last Panel not working - The setting was not applying to elevations

  • Add New Frame not working - The Add New button in the master framing systems list was throwing an error.

  • Silent error when detail files missing - Attempting to view a detail file when it cannot be found would open a CAD viewer with a blank drawing.​

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