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WinBidPro 15.10 Released

15.10 brings another round of features and fixes. There are a number of updates in this version that we hope you will like, some of the key highlights include:

  1. Component hardware part spacing - You can now enter a spacing for hardware parts of assemblies to automatically figure an accurate count.

  2. Instant component part lookup - As you enter part numbers into a framing system component it will show up to 5 matching parts.

  3. Part information displayed by pointing at a part number - Just point at a part number in a framing system configuration and see a description and what type of part it is.

  4. Clearer advanced options for component parts - The length adjustment feature and quantity feature of component parts is now shown in a user interface. They were always available but it was not obvious.

  5. Catalog Downloader - We've added a view to download and install catalogs quickly and instantly without leaving the program. Installing a catalog takes just seconds, and you don't need to go to our web site to do it.

  6. Add Horizontals by DLO - You can now add Horizontals by a DLO above other horizontals​ for easier entry.

  7. Improved some behavior for server installs - We've improved the installation and first-time startup process to make the server installation experience better.


Framing System Configuration Improvements (Items 1 - 4):

Catalog Downloader

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