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WinBidPro 15.11 Update Now Available

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

WinBidPro 15.11 brings updates to how finish prices are handled and UI updates. The majority of these changes apply to the Parts List and Final Parts screens, particularly to how we handle pricing.

Updates to how Finish Prices Work

You can now mark finishes of a particular part as "unsupported" which allows WinBidPro to be smarter about the price it selects in the Final Parts report.

Specify Part Finish Suffixes

You can now specify a "Part Suffix" for each finish in your catalog. These suffixes are applied in the Final Parts list and make it easier to order parts for those manufacturers that have them. Below is an example for YKK.

Easy and advanced filter options

Final Parts Adjustments

This feature has been available for some time, but 15.11 improves it with notes and the ability to add as many adjustments as you like.

Here are three videos which also explain the new features in this update.

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