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YKK AP Finish Codes Added to 2020 r4 Catalog

We have finalized a feature in WinBidPro v15 that will let you created an export file from the Final Parts window that can be imported into the YKK order system.

This feature consists of both the addition of finish codes that get added to various part numbers, as well as the creation of the export file. Stock length values were also updated for parts that were showing a 288.5" stock length. This length was not accepted by the YKK system, so these values were updated to 288.

If you are adventurous, you can add the finish codes to your existing YKK catalog, and also check your stock lengths to make sure they are not 288.5. All of these changes can be made in the Parts List window.

Here is the list of finish codes the YKK system needs to see:

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